Fire Pump Controllers

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SEP are appointed distributors for the high-functioning Fire Pump Controller from Lovato.

Lovato’s FFL...EP (electric pump) and FFL..DP (diesel pump) controllers integrate all necessary features required by EN12845 standard.

Operation from the front panel is simple and intuitive, thanks to the display screen, dedicated LEDs and pushbuttons. The backlit graphic LCD display ensures high visibility even in low light conditions.

The power lines and electric motor are completely monitored by the electronic board.

The controller offers a comprehensive three-phase electric measurement set providing voltages, currents, powers, PF and all the parameters that give a clear indication of the pumping system status. All the settings for the voltage and current sensors are made via parameter programming.

Commissioning and maintenance is made easy by dedicated display pages.

The main hardware features (expandability, alarm monitoring, communication etc) are common to both electric and diesel pump controllers, allowing perfect integration of the two systems. All meaning less wiring, fewer components and less programming to set up the system.

The controller constantly monitors the pump room temperature using the integrated, or an external, temperature sensor. The electronic boards inside the controller and in the expansion modules are tropicalized, ensuring the safety and the integrity of the devices in the presence of humidity.

Fire Pump Controllers

Features & Benefits – All Models

  • Backlit graphic LCD display with multilingual text (5 languages)
  • Dedicated page for lamp test and commissioning
  • Dedicated page for jockey pump monitoring
  • 7 LED indicators (running, main status, electric motor status, starting request, global alarm, failure to start, stop enabled/automatic start excluded) – 2 additional indicators on diesel controller for battery
  • Multiple programmable digital inputs and outputs
  • Tropicalized PCB ensuring integrity in high humidity
  • Automatic starting sequence in accordance with BS EN 12845
  • Communication interface by front optical port with CX01 and CX02 dongle using USB or Wi-Fi connections
  • NFC contactless interface for programming via APP
  • Isolated RS485 serial port for supervision (compatibility with Synergy and Synergy Cloud software)
  • Expandability with EXP... modules

Features & Benefits – Electric Pumps

  • Electric motor control, monitoring and protection
  • Three-phase line voltage and motor current inputs
  • Ability to control single- or three-phase pumps

Features & Benefits – Diesel Pumps

  • Engine control, monitoring and protection
  • Dual DC power from two separate batteries (12/24VDC)
  • Input of single-phase AC voltage measurement for
    network monitoring
  • 3 programmable resistive sensors

Fire Pump Controllers

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