sprinkler saves

Recent Sprinkler Saves

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Every so often, we like to reflect on recent ‘sprinkler saves’, because it reminds us all of the importance of what we do – especially in this mad world in which we find ourselves at the moment! Below is just a small selection that we’ve managed to pull together – there are many more examples, across the globe, both commercial …

compact pump initiation boards

New Compact Pump Initiation Board

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We are pleased to announce the launch of our new highly compact pump initiation boards! After some trials, testing and general playing around, we think we’ve come up with one of – if not the – smallest ‘plug-and-play’ pump initiation boards suitable mainly for wet riser applications. The new board are based on the same principles… Bailey & Mackey LPCB-approved pressure switches …

quiet compressor

Ultra-quiet compressor

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We launched our ultra-quiet compressor earlier in the year, but having received some good enquiries and orders, and coming up to main compressor season, we thought this could be a timely refresher. At just 58dB(A), classified as ‘somewhere between a fridge and background office noise’, and being oil-free, with our new compact receiver design and paintwork, what’s not to love …

SEP Prices

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It is only after some serious and prolonged consideration that we have taken the difficult decision to increase our prices with effect from 1st September 2021. Following a bout of supplier increases from late 2020 into early 2021, we had targeted certain amendments to our price list in March; however, despite our hopes that the worst was over, we have suffered …

First SEP baby

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We are pleased to announce what we are pretty sure is the first SEP-employee newborn! Cameron, our Operations Manager, who started early in 2020 (just pre-Covid), and his partner Beth welcomed the gorgeous 8lb 4oz Olivia into the world at 12:05 on 26th July 2021. Cameron, who returned to work on 9th August, after a month-long absence, says “the pregnancy …

Residential round-up

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As we have been introducing more residential and domestic fire sprinkler products over recent years, we thought it would be helpful for customers if we summarised what we are able to offer… It’s always surprising when customers contact us to ask whether we do ‘something or other’ we have publicised – but of course we know everyone probably gets far …

SEP Goes International

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As part of our continuing drive to grow our international presence, we have invested some time and effort (and of course ready cash) into developing a number of foreign language ‘introduction’ pages to our website. Obviously at this stage, it’s not possible to translate every page, but we hope that having at least an introduction to our history, ethos and …

pump initiation boards

Pump Initiation Board Season

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One of the products where we become particularly busy at this time of year, is with our pump initiation boards… for no apparent reason we (or our customers) can put our finger on – and it appears there is more and more requirement for non-standard ‘specials’. Whether it’s high pressure, you need a strange configuration, you are tight on space, …

Customer Service Update

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As our regulars will know, our 3-way ethos at SEP is Quality, Responsiveness and Flexibility. We know it sounds simple in theory, but we put it into practice every day and we believe customers appreciate our approach, such as responding to simple enquiries and quotations within minutes. If you’re asking a simple question, then we’re pretty sure that you don’t …

Christian Erikson: First Aid and Team Support

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If there’s something that the last 18 months has taught us all, it’s to not take anything for granted, whether it be health, wealth, friends or family. And although many football fans across Europe have been waiting for “Euro 2020” with baited breath, the Covid-related delays and football in general took a back seat when Christian Erikson – Danish attacking …