Jockey & Booster Pumps

Jockey & Booster Pumps

As a major supplier of specialist products to the fire sprinkler industry, SEP has access to preferential pricing and top quality support to enable us to supply the best jockey and booster pump for your needs.

Alongside what is often considered to be the ‘industry standard’ Grundfos pumps, we regularly supply quality pumps from Lowara, and many other suppliers including Pedrollo, Calpeda etc.

Models and prices depend on the voltage, duty flow rates and pressures required, themselves determined by the sprinkler system and local water supply characteristics (or whether the system is tank-fed).

We can certainly help you with selection and specification, but we will need to know (1) your voltage, (2) the pressure required and ideally (3) the flow rate.

The following ranges tend to be most popular, but of course the exact model depends on your requirements:

  • Jockey Pump models are usually vertical multistage Lowara e-SV or Grundfos CR/CR(i).
  • Smaller Booster Pump models tend to be horizontal Grundfos CM, Lowara HM, Calpeda MX.
  • Pump starter boxes can be quickly made in-house to suit your specification (230v/400v, thermal overload, on-delay timer), and we can supply various pressure switches as required.
jockey & booster pumps

Special Applications?

  • We manufacture compact integrated booster pump sets specifically for the prevention of alarm valve false alarms due to mains pressure volatility – please see our Alarm Valve Booster Pump page.
  • We source and supply booster pump sets specifically for domestic and residential fire sprinkler systems – please see our Domestic & Residential pages.

Please remember we always need to know your voltage, pressure and flow when enquiring about pumps!

The range referred to covers only the most popular models; please contact us if you require something different – we pride ourselves on our responsiveness, flexibility and quality and are therefore happy to meet your requirements wherever possible.

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