Pump Initiation Boards

pump initiation board

SEP originally developed this compact, lightweight modular pump initiation board, designed to meet all the requirements of LPC, and BS5306 or BSEN12845 respectively.

The SEP Pump Initiation Board is often copied but never bettered.

The unit is directly mounted onto a polypropylene board for ease and speed of on-site installation. Each jockey and pump arrangement has a separate test assembly, complete with pressure switches, pressure gauges, test valves with control orifice all of which are connected to a common drain.

All materials supplied comply with PED 97/23/EC, and are fully pressure tested prior to despatch.

Our unique 4-port valve (EN12845 boards only) minimises the number of joints and makes testing and maintenance a painless task.

Key Features – BS5306 models

  • Mounted on 9mm polypropylene board for ease of installation and zero corrosion/degradation.
  • Inlet unions ½”/15nb BSP.
  • Bailey & Mackey pressure switches 1381v & 1381.
  • Glycerine filled pressure gauges with no loss connectors.
  • Non-return valves on pump bypass (not jockey).
  • Test valves with control orifice.
  • ½” HQ pipes fittings and fully galvanised pipework.
  • Descriptive labels provided to your requirements.
  • Open (standard) or piped (to order) drain as required.
  • From 2022 our BS5306 boards are even more compact.

Additional Features – EN12845 models

  • Double switch arrangement for pumps as required by EN12845.
  • Pump lines: unique 4-port valve allows easy testing of individual switches and gauges.
  • Open drain assembly for easily visible water flow.

Why we think our EN Pump Initiation Board is the best:

  • Our unique 4-port valve allows total isolation for maintenance – change gauges, switches and NRVs with ease when compared to many other board assemblies.
  • Fewer joints than many boards, minimising the risk of leakage.
  • Polypropylene board subject to zero corrosion.
  • Orifice gate valves allow more accurate test measurement.
  • Smaller weight and dimensions than competitor boards.


  • Standard boards include 14 bar switches and 16 bar gauges.
  • For higher pressures, pipework and switches/gauges suitable for either 25 bar or 40 bar.
  • For lower pressures, we can provide 11 bar switches and 7 or 11 bar gauges.
  • We can also manufacture with special switches such as Allen Bradley, Danfoss or even pressure transducers.

Only the most popular configurations are shown on our website and data sheet; please contact us as we will manufacture any configuration and pressure rating required – we pride ourselves on our responsiveness, flexibility and quality.

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