SEP's ZONE GUARDIAN allows the mandatory quarterly testing of a wet-pipe fire sprinkler system's waterflow detector (flow switch) to be carried out remotely, saving both time and cost for end-users and fire sprinkler maintenance contractors.

The unit ensures zero wastage of water by the use of an artificial water flow created using a high-efficiency self-venting circulator pump manufactured by a global supplier.

Our LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) approved ZONE GUARDIAN is available in pipe sizes from 2"/50mm up to 6"/150mm and includes - as well as the circulator pump - a Potter VSR vane-type flow switch with adjustable retard and ball valves for vent, test and pump isolation, all mounted on 450mm long BS EN 10255 coated pipe with grooved connections each end.

The assembly may be installed horizontally (flow switch on top) or vertically (sprinkler flow up).

An electronic key-operated Test Module is included to allow testing of both the local and any interconnected (via the local Test Module) waterflow detectors.

Options include left or right-hand orientation (ex-stock), retro-fit kits (ex-stock), custom colours (to order) and more.

ZONE GUARDIAN is stocked by and available through our exclusive distributor, Zeffire Ltd, as well as directly from SEP. Both carriage costs and volume discounts are competition-beating, so please contact us now about what’s probably the most exciting product we’ve released in years.



  • Pipe sizes: 2"/50mm, 21/2"/65mm, 3"/80mm, 4"/100mm, 6"/150mm
  • Pressure rating: 12 bar (175 psi)
  • Approvals: LPCB Ref 1423a/01
  • Download the data sheet below for weights, dimensions and further information

Flow switch

  • Only Potter VSR-EU LPCB approved flow switches are used
  • Trigger flow rate: 38lpm with up to 30s retard
  • Enclosure rating: IP54

Circulator Pump

  • Voltage: 230VAC 50Hz
  • Power: 60W max
  • Current: 0.58A max

Test module

  • IP56 rated, surface-mounted, key-operated multi-function
  • Voltage in: 230VAC 50Hz
  • Voltage out: 230VAC 50Hz (local) or 24VDC (interconnect)
  • LEDs: Green: power/standby; Amber: test in progress; Red: flow switch active

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