Flow Test Assemblies

Our Flow Test Assembly is designed for use where sprinkler systems are divided into zones, for example shop units or high rise buildings. The components are fitted to a fabricated and painted grooved pipe, and the flow switch and valve are wired into a single junction box for quick installation on site.

We only use LPCB/FM-approved Potter flow switches to detect the flow of water as a result of a sprinkler head activating; the flow switch sends a signal to an alarm panel or BMS to indicate which zone has been activated.

Each unit comes complete with an LPCB (or FM) approved monitored butterfly valve as standard, although a BS valve can be fitted on request.

The drain valve is used to drain the water from each zone, or to stimulate a sprinkler activating, for test purposes.

These assemblies require physical attendance for testing purposes since the test/drain valve is manually operated – if this would be difficult or impossible (or running off water would be undesirable) then you may consider our ZONE GUARDIAN which allows you to carry out the flow switch testing remotely without loss of water.

Flow test assemblies


  • Grooved steel tube to EN10255 (BS1387) finished in red oxide (standard length approx. 800mm).
  • LPCB- or FM-approved grooved butterfly valve with hand wheel and gearbox, open/shut indicators and tamperproof switches indicating open or closed status.
  • Potter VSR-EU flow switch with adjustable retard.
  • Fireproof cable, pre–wired into a junction box from the valve and switch.
  • ½” brass gate valve for test/drain.

Dimensions & Options

  • Standard length approx. 900mm (any non-standard length available to order).
  • Sizes: 2”, 2½”, 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”.
  • Spray painting to any specified colour.

Please contact us if you require something different – we pride ourselves on our responsiveness, flexibility and quality and are therefore happy to manufacture or source to your own requirements wherever possible.

Flow test assemblies

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