dry riser test pump set

Dry Riser Test Pump

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Following a special customer request, and some subsequent design tweaks, we are now able to offer this DRY RISER TEST PUMP SET.

The set uses the Grundfos CRi1-23, a single-phase 230v vertical multistage pump, just 1.1kw yet capable of producing up to 14 bar pressure – more than enough to satisfy 12 bar pressure/leak testing.

In brief, this design offers the following advantages over commonly used solutions…

  • 230v pump can be run from maintenance vehicles using a power inverter
  • Pressure switch ensures pump runs only to your pre-determined set pressure, cutting in again only if required
  • No need to carry, manoeuvre and start (or try to!) heavy petrol-driven pumps
  • No need to carry a separate and risky flammable fuel supply
  • Virtually no noise compared to running and revving petrol-driven pumps
  • Pump set can be fed by vehicle-mounted water tank or external supply
  • No need to remove pump set from vehicle to carry out testing routines
  • Test sequence can become a one-person task instead of multi-person
  • Increased reliability and easy maintenance using off-the-shelf parts familiar to most fire sprinkler engineers
  • 1” and 2” outlets allowing feed into 1” drain or 2” push-on fitting, whichever is preferred or available
  • Additional and/or different valves can be fitted during or after manufacturer to suit customers’ preferences

…and we’re sure there are more!

If you like what you see, please talk to us about how we can make the life of your engineers a little bit easier.

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  1. Dear Sir
    Please can you send me some costs and data sheets for the dry riser pump .
    As at the moment we use the Godiva pump but I wish a more quite pump .

    Thank you inadvance

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