B&M 1381V Variable Pressure Switch


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Pressure switches are a critical part of any fire sprinkler or wet riser system, and widely used throughout. They operate on a fairly basic principle – they open or close an electrical circuit depending on the pressure at which they are set – and therefore they are extremely robust and reliable.

The most popular by far are the Bailey & Mackey LPCB-approved and CE-marked 1381-range, and we hold a large stock of these pressure switches.

Key features

  • Adjustable

Standard (non-V) switches have adjustable ‘cut-in’ pressure

‘V’ switches have adjustable ‘cut-in’ pressure AND adjustable differential (between cut-in and cut-out pressures)

  • ½” BSP male threaded connection
  • IP65-rated enclosure
  • Diaphragm-operated – reliable
  • Brass wetted parts & cast aluminium body for zero corrosion

Pressure ranges

  • Available here, we have the following in both ‘V’ and ‘non-V’:

0.5-11 bar

0.7-14 bar

2-28 bar

2-42 bar

We do also stock certain other manufacturers and types of pressure switches, so please do contact us if you don’t find what you need here. 

For more information, please refer to our full DATA SHEET