Glycerine Filled Pressure Gauge (100mm/4in – 16 Bar)


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Pressure gauges are used throughout all areas of fire sprinkler systems, wet riser systems and have many other applications.

SEP’s solution

ALL of our pressure gauges have the following specifications:

  • Stainless steel casing
  • Brass wetted parts (stainless steel available as an option, please contact us)
  • Glycerine filled, for steady readings and internal lubrication
  • Manufactured to BS EN 837-1 standards
  • Pressure safety blowout device
  • 100mm dial gauges have 3/8” bottom connection
  • 63mm dial gauges have ¼” bottom connection

Pressure ranges

Available here, we have the following:

  • 100mm standard gauges in 11, 16, 25 and 40 bar
  • 100mm suction gauges in -1/+1 and -1/+3 bar
  • 63mm standard gauges in 7 and 20 bar

CERTIFICATION option – all gauges

If you need to know 100% that your pressure gauge is accurate and within specification, or demonstrate to your client, we offer a gauge certification service. Your gauge is calibrated against our high-accuracy digital master gauge and a unique certificate is issued, cross-referenced to your gauge.

NO-LOSS CONNECTOR option – 100mm gauges

A no-loss connector is an automatic valve with a 3/8” female port for your gauge, and a ½” male connector for your pipework. When the gauge is in place, the valve is open and the gauge will read the system pressure. If you need to remove the gauge for replacement or checking, the valve automatically closes so there is no need to separately isolate or drain your system.

For more information, please refer to our full DATA SHEET