Lockable & Monitored Brass Ball Valve (WRAS)


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The Requirement

Due to our ever-increasing flow of Residential and Domestic enquiries, and the recent demands of BS 9251:2021, SEP is pleased to present our monitored ball valve in sizes from 1”/25mm up to 2”/50mm.

BS 9251:2021, section 5.15 states that “except for category 1 systems, all valves which control the flow of water to the system should be electrically monitored for the open position”.

The Solution

SEP can help ensure that all R&D (Residential and Domestic) fire sprinkler system installers meet this requirement, along with many others.

The valve and monitor switch can be purchased stand-alone, or as part of our resi-riser assembly, and the small assembly is simple and lightweight.

As required, the spring switch ensures that the valve is monitored to be ‘in the fully open position’ – even if closed slightly or tampered with, a signal will be transmitted to the monitoring panel.

Features & Benefits

  • All valves are WRAS-approved and can be fitted directly to the mains water supply.
  • BSP female threads (adaptors for copper/CPVC pipe available)
  • Fully lockable handle (keyed-alike padlocks also available)
  • Micro-switch monitoring that the valve is fully open and not tampered with or damaged
  • Flexible NC and NO connection options
  • IP54-rated 

For more BENEFITS and FEATURES, please refer to our full DATA SHEET