SEP Priority Demand Valve – Butterfly


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The Requirement

BS9251 – the standard for ‘fire sprinkler systems for domestic and residential occupancies’ – states in broad terms that IF the mains water supply flow rate required by the fire sprinkler system is liable to be affected by domestic water usage (e.g. shower, washing machine etc), THEN a valve must be fitted to cut off supply for domestic use in the event of a sprinkler activation.

The Solution

The SEP Priority Demand Valve (PDV) isolates the domestic water supply in the event of a fire sprinkler activation, or (fail-safe) in the event of a power loss.

  • For pipe sizes from 15mm/½” up to 50mm/2” we use a solenoid valve with BSP threaded connections; if using non-threaded pipe, then BSP-to-compression adaptors are also available.
  • For pipe sizes from 65mm/2½” up to 150mm/6” we use an electrically actuated butterfly valve for flange connection.

The Benefits of our product

  • Fail-safe – the valve closes if a signal is received from the sprinkler system flow switch, BUT it will also close in the event of power loss OR flow switch connection is lost, ensuring that the fire sprinkler is always safe.
  • All valves are WRAS-approved and can be fitted directly to the mains water supply.
  • 24VDC solenoid valve coil and control circuits avoid the need for dangerous 240-volt power outside the IP-rated enclosure, in a domestic environment.
  • The fail-safe functionality does not preclude the installation of a restricted bypass around the PDV (complete with lockable and/or monitored isolation valve) to allow the provision of emergency water  supplies in the event of a power loss which is not caused by a fire event.

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