Another SEP baby

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We’re delighted to report another baby at SEP… ‘our’ second, and Cameron’s second daughter.

Cameron and his fiancée Beth welcomed Matilda on Good Friday, 7th April at 15:15, weighing in at 8lb 4.5oz (or 3.76kg if you’re that way inclined, but we probably don’t need to say that post-Brexit!).

After a labour that wasn’t the shortest ever (in Cameron’s words “40 hours awake now, I think I got ten minutes in a chair at some point… but she’s worth it”), we think most sympathies would be with Beth but we’ll leave it there.

Matilda joins her older sister Olivia (born July 2021), who is adjusting to some smaller company (well, as well as any under-two-year-old can) and is apparently very eager to help out where possible.

Cameron, who has returned to work for a rest (our words, not his) says that Matilda “doesn’t like being put down in her basket or bed yet, but she loves cuddles, so we’ve had plenty of them!”.

We wish them all the very best.

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