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We often think that, as manufacturers of a number of specialist products for fire sprinkler installations, demand for our various products (air compressors, Zone Guardian, booster pumps, pump start boards or pump initiation boards, valves etc) would be fairly uniform and balanced across the month and across the year, albeit maybe with some seasonal variation for certain products. However, we are constantly bemused that, despite the fact there are a large number of projects underway at any one time and at different stages, there are often times when demand for a particular product surpasses all expectations – and our best stock planning!

For instance, as we speak, we are seeing unprecedented demand for our pump initiation boards (pump start board, pump test arrangements, pump panels – call them what you will!).

Now without being arrogant in any way, we know ours are the best on the market for the following reasons…

  • Our wet-riser boards are by far the most compact, with a 3-way (J+2P) being just 600x560mm due to innovative design; and
  • Our sprinkler boards are also smallest, lightest and with fewest components due to our unique 4-port test selector valve.

In addition, we are unique due to our ethos of responsiveness, flexibility and quality in making ‘special as standard’! Need a full galv drain, exit left or right? Need a fully piped inlet manifold, inlet bottom left? Need the jockey in the middle? Need a 25 bar board but with 40 bar gauges? Need a board with 11 bar switches? This sort of variation is what we do pretty much every day, alongside our standard models! We don’t think any other manufacturer can do this as quickly or as well as we can…if at all.

All boards are mounted on 100% corrosion-free panels using FM-approved galvanised fittings, plus brass/nickel/stainless, and barrel nipples which are galvanised post-production and therefore look bright and shiny for longer. You may find cheaper boards, if you want nothing but standard configuration, but do any look quite as good as ours, or when you stand back and look at your completed pump room, do you feel that something is slightly letting down your hard work?

Ask us now about our range of pump start/initiation boards – simply phone 0161 438 1180 or email us.

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