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BAFSA Challenge Day 2016

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Our MD, Rob Bell, attended the 2016 BAFSA Challenge at Mottram Hall, Cheshire on Thursday 23rd June after an invitation from Grundfos. Rob and fellow BAFSA team members took part in a series of (supposedly!) fun team-building & networking events with the day ending in a barbeque and presentation.

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The day, which was held in the slightly malodorous but picturesque gardens of Mottram Hall in the Cheshire countryside on one of the best-weather days of the year so far, was fully sponsored by BAFSA and several member companies, and included a golf challenge (not for us!) in the morning followed by various team activities in the afternoon. These included…

  • A blindfold communication challenge (where a wrong step detonated a shotgun blank just feet away!)
  • Air pistol shooting, for which Rob got half the team’s score and resisted taking a pot shot at the squirrel in the hedge.
  • Human table football – far too hot for this, and 10 minutes each way was torture!
  • Blindfold tent pitching; no idea how we ended up with a pretty good looking shelter after 20 minutes.
  • Archery (well won by Danny, now aka ‘Robin of Glasgow’).
  • A general knowledge quiz – let’s just say timekeeping was not our forte.
  • Segway racing, for which our team won the fastest course time (well done Richard).
  • Chucking bean bags into holes 20 feet away (in which Rob just pipped Danny in the final).

Thanks to BAFSA and the rest of the ‘Sprinkler Good Guys’ team (Danny, Ross, Richard, Dale, Ben, Karen and Nick) for a great afternoon, despite the fact that our team name was notable by its absence (or maybe we didn’t hear it for the noise…)! Aside from the fun and games, it’s always good to meet and talk to fellow members and customers and put some faces to names.

Roll on next year…

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