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Our MD Rob recently contacted several potential new suppliers, by email, requesting an estimated cost for a piece of equipment to be retrofitted to an installed compressor. Easy, you might think…

OK, the three selected companies were chosen at random via Google, and our enquiry was not going to bust their budgets, but it’s not that complicated and all boasted about their offering – “…experts at solving…”, “Get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!”, “We look forward to doing business with you”. Really?

After four days, two of them failed to answer at all, and one responded with, “Thank you for your enquiry. This is something we can definitely quote but unfortunately not [for two weeks]. Can you wait, because the sales director is on holiday?”. After pushing, their best effort was “I could get you a ballpark next week?”. We say – what a strange way to run a business.”

We do not, in any way, shape or form, find that acceptable. Anyone who deals with us will know this, and it doesn’t matter if you work for our largest customer or our smallest – fast, reliable, accurate answers are what everyone expects nowadays and with good reason…we’re all trying to achieve something, and wasted time is good for no-one.

It’s easy to moan, but it takes something special to make someone go out of their way to compliment you – recently someone from the Bank of England (no less!) took time to send us an email about one of our office staff: “I’ve spent all morning searching for this valve and you’ve solved the problem in one stroke. It’s exactly what I’m after. You’re a superstar!!!”. It’s especially important to note that, not only were they not a customer at the time, but the enquiry was for just over £100. The point to us is that a customer is a customer, and everyone deserves our best.

That said, we don’t pretend to be faultless – another recent email said “…this is the first ‘hiccup’ as such we’ve had with yourselves for any product that I’m aware of, and really appreciate your comments and advice going forward. I’m certain we will order these again from yourself!”. The issue here was not a fault as such, but a wiring matter that could be better. However, we’ve taken this discussion which will improve the product in question for everyone going forwards.

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