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Domestic and Residential sprinklers systems keep growing

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For reasons we won’t go into again, the domestic and residential market continues to grow rapidly – we are fielding ever more enquiries in relation to pump booster sets and residential risers, and April was a record month for sales of residential products.

Of course, because of our customer base, most of these are from established fire sprinkler designers and installers who know pretty much exactly what they need (with perhaps a little guidance in some cases, which is what we’re here to do when we can) for the job that they’re designing.

However, we are also seeing more enquiries from general builders, plumbers and householders themselves, who don’t appear to understand the requirements or the design needs of a domestic or residential fire sprinkler system. As manufacturers/suppliers, we openly admit that there is very limited advice we can give. In these cases, we are re-directing such enquiries to one of our existing customers who are much better placed to help.

With some explanation that installing a fire sprinkler system really is best left to the experts (who, after all, are there to ensure that such things will work exactly when and where they are needed!) most are happy with the direction and will seek the best assistance. Some are not, of course, but you can only lead a horse to water…

BAFSA and others continue to campaign for better control of fire sprinkler installation, and we will support this where we can – by re-directing enquiries, we may well lose sales in the short term, but we feel we’re doing the right thing for the long term.

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