mains fed false alarms

Mains-fed false alarms?

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Last month we reported how the cold snap had positively impacted our sales of air compressors for dry/alternate systems…well, at this time of year we turn our thoughts to stocking up on our Alarm Valve Booster Pumps.


Because as cold snaps turn to warm/dry spells and water companies start playing with mains pressures to manage demand in busy and highly-populated areas, mains-fed fire sprinkler systems can start to suffer from false alarms as the alarm valve gets ‘confused’ by the fluctuations.

Our Alarm Valve (or Town Mains, or False Alarm) Booster Pump is a compact (just 600x400mm) unit designed to maintain pressure at the alarm valve using a small high-pressure low-flow pump controlled by a dedicated pressure switch and assisted by a small 8 litre accumulator. The idea is that the AVBP cut-in pressure is set just slightly above the peak mains pressure, giving stability at the alarm valve and eliminating false alarms.

Our most popular model by far is the 230v mains+4 bar model, which boosts mains pressure by up to 4 bar (up to a maximum 10 bar), followed by the 230v mains+9 bar model, which boosts mains pressure by up to 9 bar (up to a maximum 25 bar).

We’ve recently updated our data sheet to include a simple table to help determine the model required for your application.

Please view our Alarm Valve Booster Pumps page and download our new data sheet.

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