NEW: Pressure Test Devices

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Some of our customers have asked us to create some sort of ‘test rig’ which can be connected up to a pressure source (air or water) to enable the checking and/or setting of pressure gauges or pressure switches. We have been using similar test devices here for years, but we never really thought about selling them.

We’ve come up with this little assembly which comprises the following features:

  • Inlet connector – male or female screwed, or quick release
  • Inlet and outlet (with orifice for fine control) valves
  • In-house calibrated pressure gauge, so you know it’s accurate
  • No loss connector port for checking pressure gauge
  • Valve port for checking/setting pressure switches
  • ½” pipework sprayed in our protective hammer finish
  • Standard 16 bar rated (higher pressures available)
Contact Us to ask about this device.

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