Filtered Ball Valves Range

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We are now able to offer Bioflux filtered ball valves at very cost-effective prices.

The valves have an integrated and easily maintained filter and come in the following sizes:

1/2″ – 3/4″ – 1″ – 1 1/4″ – 1 1/2″ – 2″

These filtered ball valves improve system reliability and longevity by removing solid residues from the flow and protecting pimps and other key components. They require a very simple maintenance regime and are much more compact than the equivalent Y-type strainer valves.

Filter Maintenance

Filter maintenance is very straightforward and requires the engineer to close the valve to isolate the filter inside, they then unscrew the cap from the bottom of the valve to remove and clean and /or replace the filter, then they reverse these two steps to reassemble the unit. The whole operation is very quick and simple.

Key Benefits

filtered ball valvesThe valves have the following key benefits:

  • Filtration rating down to 4μm
  • They operate in a temperature range from 5°C to 120°C
  • They are pressure rated to 16 bar
  • Sizes up to 1″ have a T-handle and sizes larger than that have a lever arm as pictured

To download our full PDF data sheet with data table please follow this link – Filtered Ball Valve Data Sheet.

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