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Scaling New Heights

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We are a relatively small but rapidly growing manufacturer and supplier of specialist fire sprinkler system components to most installers/maintainers in the UK. One of our most exciting projects, supplied to one of our largest customers (themselves one of the biggest names in the fire sprinkler industry), took many months to come to fruition but is (so far) the largest contract we’ve ever won and we’re proud to shout about it!

The project was awarded to us following our launch, and subsequent LPCB approval, of our ZONE GUARDIAN water flow switch test assembly. Many hours of hard work on both sides was required (not least of course because the original specification was for the Zonecheck product, so that required ‘updating’) to get this over the line. With weeks of discussion and waiting time between spurts of activity, it took over six months to get from enquiry to order. We are now approximately six months into supplying the project, with around another six months to come. In addition to a very significant quantity of ZONE GUARDIAN we have also supplied nine EN12845 Pump Initiation Boards – most of which are 40 bar models with stainless steel selector valves.

The project we are supplying, via Hall & Kay Fire Engineering, is a new London skyscraper…

What started out as a 288 metre London skyscraper named The Pinnacle (and nicknamed the Helter Skelter) in 2008 was suspended in 2012 following the recession and due to funding and letting shortfalls. After a re-design between 2013 to 2015, and the sale of the site to AXA Real Estate, the original beginnings were demolished and building recommenced in 2016. The new simpler design for what is now ’22 Bishopsgate’ (or ‘Twentytwo’) is 278 metres tall with 62 floors – this will make ‘22BG’ the second tallest building in the EU, only The Shard, at 310 metres, stands taller.

For some interesting information about Twentytwo, including a glass-mounted climbing wall 400 feet above the city (not for everyone!), visit

Nestled amongst other iconic buildings in London’s financial district such as the Cheesegrater, the Gherkin and the Walkie-Talkie, Twentytwo is likely to become as infamous as its neighbours and we – along with our partner Hall & Kay – are delighted to be involved as we scale new heights (!).

To find out more about the products which enable us to be a key supplier to one of the biggest names in the industry, or ask us specifically about ZONE GUARDIAN or our range of  Pump Initiation Boards,, email

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