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It just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it…try and say that 10 times fast when you’ve had a few (maybe at Emma’s after-work drinks )!

The photo above shows just a few of the 120 stainless steel orifice fittings which we fabricated for one of our key customers recently – it certainly kept one of our new technicians busy for a few days machining, drilling, testing and finishing!

Because we have our own small machine shop here at SEP, and a list of specialist suppliers and fabricators on our books, we have the ability to supply a number of different types of orifice fittings that may be required for fire sprinkler (and other) applications:

  • Orifice unions in galvanised malleable iron or stainless steel, in any size (15-50mm stocked)
  • Orifice plates, usually brass but any metal can be sourced, standard pipe sizes 50-200mm, but if you have a drawing, we can do it
  • Orifice valves – ball, non-return etc – in any size (15-50mm stocked)
  • Any other orifice fitting – in almost all cases, if it exists, we can put an orifice in it!

This is just one of the specialist services we can offer…why not give us a try on 0161 428 1180 or info@saleengineering.co.uk

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