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Top Class Accuracy for Gauge Certification

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Just one of the services we offer, which is becoming ever more popular, is pressure gauge calibration and certification of gauges to be used for fire sprinkler system testing and other areas where dependence on accuracy is important. It’s interesting to note that in 2017 we calibrated and certificated over 200 pressure gauges ranging from 4 to 40 bar – this was up over 20% on 2016, and almost three times the number issued in 2014!

The task requires time and care, and to maintain accuracy and shelf-life we only calibrate gauges to order – also, a significant portion are ordered on a Friday for urgent despatch which sometimes causes a backlog.

Therefore, as part of our ongoing commitment to top quality and excellent customer service, we have taken the plunge and made a significant investment in a high accuracy digital master pressure gauge. Our new equipment is capable of testing gauges up to 70 bar, and is accurate to around 1/30th of one bar, ensuring that we – and our customers – can rely on the results.

This service, providing a cross-referenced certificate, is available for just £12.50 per gauge which is around half the price of many alternative providers.

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