Priority Demand Valve Launch

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SEP is excited to announce the launch of (what will be our first launch of 2021) our brand new range of fail-safe Priority Demand Valves!

We have been considering and working on these for a while – the specialist nature of these valves, which are designed to cut off the domestic water supply in the event of a fire sprinkler activation (thus prioritising the sprinkler system demand) or indeed a power failure – is right up our street… responsive to market demands, and using only top quality components.

So now we are ready with the launch of our fail-safe WRAS-approved valves in sizes up to 2” – please head over to our web page for more information

And, because we never stand still, we are in the process of finalising the design and testing of PDVs in larger sizes from 2½”… watch this space!

Read all the detail of and download the data sheet for our new Priority Demand Valves .


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