Priority Demand Valves Update

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Since we launched our range of new priority demand valves earlier this year, we’ve been receiving more and more interest every month – which is a really good start for a new product.

Priority demand valves (PDVs) may be used in domestic or residential fire sprinkler systems, where the flow from the mains water supply may not be sufficient for the fire sprinkler system whilst there is a draw from the domestic water system at the same time. When the fire sprinkler flow switch is activated, the priority demand valve controller ensures that the domestic supply is completely cut off so that all available water is fed to the fire sprinkler system.

Our PDVs are available in sizes from 15mm to 50mm in a solenoid-valve type, and from 65mm upwards in an actuated butterfly valve type – the control circuit is a safe 24VDC, and the device is completely fail-safe, so that in the event of a power failure or damage to the flow switch cable, the valve always returns to a closed position.

We’ve had some great feedback already, in respect of our product quality, our competitive pricing, and our off-the-shelf available stock.

Have a look at our Priority Demand Valve range  and please ask for our PDV price list or a quotation.

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