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Product Focus: Pump Initiation Board

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As some of our customers will know, over 30 years ago, the ‘bench’ manufacture of pump initiation boards was one of the founding products for SEP, and they have remained a key product group for us ever since (although over time, other products such as air compressors and Zone Guardian have become larger lines for us).

Although several competitors have launched their own range – some a little late to the party, you might say – we still believe ours are the best, and this is why:

  • Our sprinkler panels use our unique 4-port valve, so we can make them around 1/3rd smaller and lighter than anyone else, using 1/3rd fewer components – so, as well as utilising less of the world’s resources, they are easier to ship and handle, take up less space in the pump room, and are less likely to leak.
  • Our wet riser panels have been re-designed to be even smaller and lighter than they were before (and compared to anyone else’s) – last year, we did this which enabled us to reduce the wall space required by a massive 40%.
  • All of our initiation boards now use post-manufacture galvanised pipework, so they look shiny and – may we say – things of beauty!
  • You may be able to buy cheaper, but you won’t buy better…and although we have standard models on the shelf, as ever with our ‘can-do’ attitude we have a way of working which means that not only can you get special configurations you may struggle to buy from the stockists, you can get them quickly!

Does anyone else offer all these benefits?

Have a look at our Pump Initiation Board web page and drop us an email to ask about pricing.

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