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Recent Fire Sprinkler Saves

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In a never-ending mission to raise awareness about fire sprinklers, and the benefits to both life and property, we thought it would be interesting to periodically pull together a summary of some recent fire sprinkler saves, and feature a contrasting article where fire sprinklers were not installed.

Fire Sprinkler Saves
  • Salisbury seems to be in the news for all the wrong reasons at the moment, but here’s one piece of good news as a fireman says “Automatic sprinkler systems are one of the best ways to suppress a fire at the earliest opportunity”… Read more
  • A restaurant in California, although damaged and now closed for repairs, “Without a sprinkler system… that particular building probably would have burned to the ground”… Read more
  • In a Hampstead, London apartment block, “Due to the successful actuation of the sprinkler system, only five flats out of 34 suffered mainly external damage”… Read more
  • And a final ‘slightly-amusing-with-a-serious-note’ story from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where a fire started in a port-a-loo was prevented from spreading inside a building by an automatic sprinkler… Read more
Fire Sprinkler COULD Have Saved
  • And “Sprinklers could have saved primary school damaged by fire,” says the fire brigade after a primary school in Dagenham, London, was partially destroyed… Read more

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