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As we have been introducing more residential and domestic fire sprinkler products over recent years, we thought it would be helpful for customers if we summarised what we are able to offer… It’s always surprising when customers contact us to ask whether we do ‘something or other’ we have publicised – but of course we know everyone probably gets far too many emails, which is why we keep ours to once a month and just a few topics.

So, this is what we can do for you:

  • Booster Pump Sets: we offer global market-leading Grundfos FireSAFE BS9251 compliant pump sets ranging from small domestic units producing 80lpm at 1.5 bar, up to large high-rise units capable of 400lpm at 7 bar. We are a nominated Grundfos distributors, offer competitive prices and we even hold a small stock of the ‘CM’ units to satisfy urgent customer needs. Prices from just £1,100.
  • Priority Demand Valves: the newest addition to our growing range of specialist fore sprinkler products, these fail-safe valves close on flow switch activation or power loss, are built with only top quality components, and stocked here in sizes ranging from ½” upwards. Prices from just £295.
  • Resi Risers: for niche/special applications, due to their configurability in all directions, we offer from 1” to 2” in stainless steel. Priced from under £200 complete with approved Potter flow switches.
  • Flow Switches: we only stock Potter LPCB approved flow switches (the best in our opinion, and the only ones worth using).
  • Zone Guardian: the residential version of our LPCB- and FM-approved commercial remote flow switch testing devices, available in CPVC or steel from 1” to 1.5”; although not approved, they use all the same components as our commercial sizes (2” to 6”).
  • Initiation Boards: available for high-rise automatic fire sprinklers (double switch) or wet risers (single switch), our unique build gives you the smallest and lightest panels available.
  • Dry Riser Test Pumps: for leak/pressure testing dry risers in high-rise buildings, our electric pump assembly gives you speedy set-up time, swift and quiet operation. We know some remain unconvinced, but we also know that once customers have used our rig, they will not go back to heavy/messy/smelly petrol/diesel pumps! From around £1,800.

The domestic and residential market is growing strongly and, despite many of our traditional customers being founded on commercial sprinkler work, there is more and more diversification – finally, the importance of fire sprinklers in a domestic and residential setting is being recognised.

Why not Contact Us now to ask how we can help your next project?

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