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As part of our continuing drive to grow our international presence, we have invested some time and effort (and of course ready cash) into developing a number of foreign language ‘introduction’ pages to our website. Obviously at this stage, it’s not possible to translate every page, but we hope that having at least an introduction to our history, ethos and product range will attract yet more interest.

The task proved more difficult that at first we thought – translating technical language into something that makes sense is actually quite tricky (a good example we had some fun with ‘jockey’ as in ‘jockey pump’, where of course this could equally be someone who rides a horse as opposed to a pump which maintains pressure in a sprinkler system!).

Anyway, at the time of writing we have eleven such pages, and we hope that after some effort and head-scratching that we have them about right.

Of course, any of our customers who have specialist language skills are more than welcome to review and tell us what could be better!

The pages can be accessed at the bottom of our homepage – have fun!

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