SEP 2019 Brochure Now Available

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After many months of technical review, preparation, photography and re-setting work – both in-house and by our marketing partner CreationADM – we are excited to announce that our new product brochure is now available in print!

As before, this is not a full catalogue of everything we do (and certainly not everything we can do) but an introduction to our main product lines, with information and quality photos to cover our most popular products. We’re rather proud of this output for a company of our size, but we believe that quality investments such as this will help us continue to grow as we have been doing.

Our new ZONE GUARDIAN (both ‘commercial’ and ‘residential’ sizes), which did not exist when we released our previous brochure in 2015, is now included, as is our stainless steel Resi-Riser. Updated sections include our Standard Air Compressors range, Duplex Compressor Station, Air Dryers, Pump Initiation Boards and much more. And of course, all pages have been refreshed to incorporate the latest product developments we have made over the past couple of years.

We will, over the next few weeks, be sending out copies of the printed brochures – if you want to ensure you’re on the list then please let us know you’d like a copy (or three) by emailing or calling +44 161 428 1180

In the meantime, and in future, our email footers will include a link to an electronic ‘flip’ version of the brochure which you can access here  SEP 2019 Brochure


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