SEP succeeds in gaining membership to Made In Britain

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We’re delighted to announce our membership to the Made In Britain organisation!

Made In Britain brings together the British manufacturing community and under its iconic mark assures, where possible, that products made by its members are of high quality, represent value for money, are safe for anyone that uses or consumes them and that the companies that make them adhere to the highest business standards.

We’ve been manufacturing specialist products for fire sprinkler systems for 30 years, and over that time have established ourselves as a leading industry name in the UK. For our brand and products to now be associated with the globally recognised Made In Britain mark, we hope to gain traction on the international stage.

Through our membership we join an exclusive set of British companies who are allowed to display the iconic Made In Britain mark and we will be proudly adding this to our website, datasheets, operation & maintenance instructions, and eventually our products.

You can read our ‘welcome to Made In Britain’ news story is on their website now:


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