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We are always working hard behind the scenes to ensure that our website is kept up to date, with our partners CreationADM, and last year we introduced our new Downloads section where you can find pretty much everything to do with our main product ranges – data sheets, O&M Instructions, handy hints, some FAQs and even our Covid-19 risk management documents.

If anything isn’t there, just ask us – we have a massive library of information not only for our own products but also many other related items as well.

Over the past few weeks, we have reviewed and refreshed many of our own product data sheets, instruction booklets and troubleshooting guides. All done to ensure that our customers have the latest information available at the click of a button. Or indeed the snap of a camera, because all of our manufactured products now come with a QR label which allows your smartphone to link straight through to our Downloads page and access technical information as well as any (usually misplaced) O&M Instructions.

This year, we will be introducing some exciting new features, design updates and models, to our compressor range – so keep your eyes peeled for these!

In the meantime, have a browse on our Downloads page and Contact Us if you don’t find what you’re looking for.

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