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We have more exciting news about yet another new product launch!

After too long exploring dead ends and all-too-expensive options, we are now able to announce the launch of our super-quiet compressor. Customers have been asking us for “your usual top-quality, well-designed, reliable compressor…but much quieter” for several years, and we have been disappointed by what’s been available on the market…but now, all that has changed and we’re sure you’ll agree we have an impressive product!

Assessed at just 58dB(A) – officially ‘somewhere between a fridge and background office noise’, we have worked hard on this one, which for the receiver model also comes with our new compact design which is 150mm shorter and at least 10kg lighter than our previous standard design.

Designed for smaller dry or pre-action systems which require/allow the compressor to be located near to offices, receptions etc, this 230v unit is 0.75kw but punches well above its weight in terms of output efficiency – 165lpm gross and well over 100lpm average up to 2 bar.

The trim and electrics are all built and tested to our standard design, using our normal high quality components, so in some ways there’s little new apart from the impressive little pump itself.

Read more details by downloading the new Standard Air Compressors (LPC compliant) SEP 0.7S OFQ data sheet .

Email us or call +44 161 428 1180 with any queries.

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