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Sprinkler System Pressure Gauges

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Pressure gauges make up part of the key component of any compliant fire sprinkler system.

The system itself is made up of a series of pipes connected to fire sprinkler heads. The pipe network contains a constant water supply. This water has to be kept at an adequate pressure and flow rate. Intricate pressure gauges are used to maintain this pressure.

Each fire sprinkler system is different; in design, area span, number of sprinklers, flow rate, water pressure. Pressure gauges should be calibrated (set) to meet the specific needs of the system to which it is installed. To determine the calibration level, careful calculations are carried out at the design stage to ensure the system can deliver the required amount of water. These calculations include all the pressure changes between the source of the water supply and the end use in the sprinkler heads, due to elevational difference and other factors. So intricate are the measurements, they account for pressure lost from any friction inside the pipe network and sometimes momentum pressure from water velocity inside the piping.

We hold a stock of sprinkler system pressure gauges which are commonly used throughout fire sprinkler systems and manufactured to EN837-1 standards (1% error).

All our gauges have brass wetted parts, stainless steel casing and pressure safety device. Gauges can be calibrated and certificated to order for a small additional cost. Different sizes and ranges are available upon request. Gauges can be ordered with your own logo, subject to minimum order and lead times.

Read more about the technical detail of our Sprinkler System Pressure Gauges.

Please contact us if you require something different – we pride ourselves on our responsiveness, flexibility and quality and are therefore happy to source to your own requirements wherever possible. Call +44 161 428 1180 or email


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