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“A refreshing change”… a tale of happy customer service

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An occasional customer called us recently to make an enquiry in relation to the replacement of an electrical component for one of our compressors (well out of warranty, we might add at this stage).

The problem was, at this particular building in the Canary Wharf area of London, that over time there appeared to be much confusion at their end over who was responsible for certain parts of the installation and their maintenance – therefore our customer was simply trying to help the building management because no-one else would take responsibility. The fact was that a faulty compressor needed repair and they were not happy going round in circles any longer.

Like many customers in this situation, serial number information and a few good photos were provided which allowed us to quickly trace the original manufacture information and quote for the replacement parts needed.

Within a few hours of the enquiry, an order was placed and the components were shipped (all wired up and ready to ‘plug in’, along with a wiring diagram) for next day delivery.

Was the customer satisfied?

To quote:

“It’s refreshing for something potentially insurmountable to be dealt with so quickly. Well done to all concerned. Have a great weekend.”

We think our high service level – as well as our approach to quality and flexibility – is one of the things which is helping us grow.

Thank you, Pete at First Fire, for giving us another opportunity to shine.

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