Winter Maintenance for your Dry/Alternate Sprinkler Systems

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As we enter the colder months, some sprinkler systems are at risk of freezing. Any water in the system that freezes can compromise the effective working of the sprinkler heads and result in delayed activation or them being unresponsive – the consequences of which don’t bear thinking about!

To prevent this from happening, and to ensure the correct operation of fire sprinkler systems, SEP recommends that alternate systems be changed over from wet to dry for the winter months – and this should be done over the coming weeks before the risk of any severe frosts and low temperatures.

At this time of year we experience a big increase in sales for ‘maintenance and repair’ reasons as some compressors fail to start up or work properly after sitting unused for several months. Rest assured we are well stocked in all the essential winter components you may need to maintain your sprinkler systems.

If you need any parts, or just some helpful advice and support when it comes to changing over your systems, please   Contact Us .

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