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At SEP, we regularly try to keep customers informed of our product range, and any latest developments, using various means (we have a monthly email newsletter, a Twitter account and a LinkedIn account). Therefore, we often have to ‘raise our eyebrows’ when customers – even regular customers – ask if we sell such-and-such a thing.

One example is our ZONE GUARDIAN, which we have been shouting about since first launch over five years ago (where did that time go???), and even louder when we received our LPCB approval (August 2017) and FM approval (August 2019).

And as per our last newsletter, we have put together a brief animation demonstrating the principle and the basics of operation, to help customers easily demonstrate to their clients the key benefits versus traditional flow switch testing methods.

Last year we switched the powder coating of the pipes to a local top-quality coater whose speciality is actually custom car wheels – quality is their game.

For all sizes up to 100mm, we will shortly be switching to smaller cartons, which will reduce the carton volume by 25% without losing any protection (of course, this will also reduce the amount of packaging materials used, which is never a bad thing).

Also, we have recently been informed by Grundfos, the supplier of the pump, that they will be upgrading their range (and therefore our special model within it) in the next few months, so we’ll let you know when that happens; we believe that there will be very little visible change.

Anyway, in the meantime, we appreciate the fact that our ZONE GUARDIAN (as well as most of our other lines) have been flying off the shelves in recent months, so a big thank you to our customers.

Learn more about our ZONE GUARDIAN or email us to ask about our competitive pricing and discount structure.

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