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There are many ‘good causes’ out there, and SEP supports several throughout the year and makes extra charitable donations on behalf of selected customers at Christmas. There are also many types of challenges – run here, climb there, eat this, don’t drink that… In April, our MD’s wife, Paula, decided to challenge herself and take part in Cancer Research UK’s Walk 100 miles in May event.

Paula walks most weekends, as a hobby and in an effort to keep fit, but the lack of spare time generally prevents anything more, so this wasn’t going to be easy…

Paula explains: “I decided to do this 100 mile challenge as both our dads have been affected by cancer. Unfortunately, it occurs with regular frequency and has impacted several family members and friends. I wanted to do at least 100 miles on top of my ‘day job’ as a teacher and head of year – I knew the distance wouldn’t be a problem, as I walk every weekend, but the time commitment is what I thought I would find most challenging. I also thought it would also be a good way to get fitter. What I hadn’t factored for was that I would somehow contract septic tonsillitis, which certainly made me feel pretty grim for a week and meant I couldn’t walk for a few days; then I had a bad cold which meant I couldn’t walk as far as usual. So despite making a good start of over 35 miles in the first week, it seemed as though things were conspiring against me. My mum (and others) told me I shouldn’t be walking when I wasn’t well, but of course cancer doesn’t give anyone a break so I decided I wasn’t having one! By the end of the month I managed to complete 111 miles which I was happy with although I know I could have done more if I hadn’t been ill. I have never done anything like this before, but I’m determined to keep walking more and see what the next challenge is!”

SEP has of course sponsored Paula, so thank you to our customers who effectively allow us to do this.

Paula has so far raised over £300 – you can help further or see progress by visiting her Just Giving page

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