Another new compressor?

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Yes, another new compressor model from SEP!

With the help of our customers, we identified a gap in our compressor offering, and since we are always flexible and responsive, we’ve worked hard to fill it.

In our compact/wall-mounted range, we have a variety of 230v standard lubricated, oil-free and ultra-quiet compressors, plus a small 3-phase/400v unit. Power ranges from 0.75kw to 1.8kw, with gross output spanning 165 to 232 lpm, and all available with or without a 24 litre air receiver/tank. Dimensions and weights are 57x31x36cm/30kg (non-receiver) or 62x36x67cm/50kg (receiver models).

In our large floor-mounted belt-driven range, we have both 230v and 3-phase/400v models from 2.2 up to 7.5kw, with gross outputs from 400 to over 1,000 lpm and air receivers from 150 to 270 litres. Lengths are up to 150cm for the large air receiver, with weights from 90 to 180kg.

The difference in performance, pricing and physical size between these two ranges as always left a bit of a gap in the middle, so now, after much research, design and testing, we have launched our new SEP2.2S.AR50 complete with a 50 litre air receiver, stainless manifold and our SEP-style top-quality controls and electrics.

The gross output of around 336lpm sits nicely in between the largest wall-mounted unit (232 lpm) and the smallest belt-driven (400 lpm). The dimensions at 89x39x70cm and the weight at under 50kg also fall between the other ranges.

Overall, we are confident that our new SEP2.2S provides a good option where higher output is required than our wall-mounted compressors can provide, but space is at a premium.

We’re also happy to say that we have managed to keep the pricing at around the central point as well, softening the blow significantly where the wall-mounts compressors are simply too small.

Download the data sheet , and/or email us for pricing and availability.

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