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We’ve completely updated our product catalogue (as to be honest, the last one was getting quite out of date and didn’t include our many new and improved products) and you can download a copy by clicking on the image below…

We now also have our largest print run ever of hard copies, which many customers will prefer, so let us know if you would like some of these.

The new version includes the latest additions to our range:

  • Oil-free ultra-quiet air compressors (page 11) – In 2021, we launched our quietest compressor ever, the SEP0.7S – developed for a demanding market sector where dry system pressurisation may be required near to offices or similar working environments. Noise is just 58dB(A) (comparable to background office noise) and being oil-free is virtually no maintenance. In 2023, we launched our second ultra-quiet oil-free compressor, a 1.5kw model with a highly efficient output of up to 232 lpm.
  • The new SEP2.2S compressor (page 10), which sits between our normal wall-mounted units and the larger belt-driven – in terms of size, performance and price.
  • Priority demand valves (pages 26-27) – The SEP Priority Demand Valve (PDV) acts to isolate the domestic/ancillary water supply in the event of a fire sprinkler activation, or in the event of a power loss (fail-safe).
  • Monitored ball valves (page 29) – Due to our ever-increasing Residential and Domestic fl ow of enquiries, and the recent demands of BS 9251:2021, SEP is pleased to present our monitored ball valve in sizes from 1”/25mm up to 2”/50mm.
  • Our growing-in-popularity Dry Riser Test Pump (pages 22-23) – enables a quieter, easier, safer and overall faster job. As we write, we can’t make them fast enough!

If you have any questions about any of our products, then as always, please get in touch.

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