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Air Compressor records tumble with the temperatures

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As most of our regular customers will know, we’ve been incredibly busy recently.

In our October email, we talked about the up-coming ‘compressor season’ which is driven mainly by the changeover of alternate systems from wet to dry…normally by March we start to see a seasonal dip as those systems are changed back to water as temperatures start to rise. It won’t be news to anyone in the UK that two unusually cold snaps brought snow and ice for days on end, and there may be more to come this weekend.

It seems that not only has the ‘Beast from the East’ delayed switching from dry to wet systems, but it’s caused a number of building owners to re-think their original decisions to have a water-only fire sprinkler system. Some of our customers have therefore been busy recently making remedial changes to their clients’ systems to allow this.

This has resulted in us making and selling more compressors than ever… over three times more than in any other March, and over 10% more than in even our busiest month in the last 3 years – this includes four duplex stations for export, three of which will be going to Sweden and one we believe to Bahrain!

We wish to thank our customers who make Sale Engineering their air compressor manufacturers of choice.

If air compressors for fire sprinkler systems are of interest, please browse our range of Air Compressors.

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