2018 Brochure

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Before 2015, our so-called ‘marketing’ was a website full of dubious photos and out-of-date information, and a paper loose-leaf binder replicating this. In 2015 we invested a huge amount of time and money to bring this up to date and launched our first proper brochure – it’s not a full catalogue of our complete range of products and options, as these are expanding constantly, but it’s more of a taster of what we do and an ‘invitation’ to browse the website and get in touch.

Whilst being no mean feat for a small company like ourselves (we don’t after all have a team of marketeers, graphic designers and technical sales people in the back room!), we think it’s time that our brochure is brought up to date again as we’ve made a few big changes since 2015, and launched several important new products.

So, we do have a plan to release a new brochure this year – it’s too early to say exactly when, but we’ll keep you informed.

In the meantime, if there’s anything specific you’d like to see included then just drop us a line.

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