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ZONE GUARDIAN flow switch test update Feb 2018

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Although a massively important and exciting product to us, we were almost getting fed up of listening to ourselves harping on about ZONE GUARDIAN, so we left it alone for a few months to be able to share some of our other news. This month, we thought we’d share just a few snippets of information, along an Olympic theme…

  • Faster – on 20th February we shipped our 200th ZONE GUARDIAN unit and we’re trending at over 40 units per month – not bad from what was effectively a standing start in August last year (LPCB approval month).
  • Higher – late last year we secured our largest order ever, a call-off for what will be one on London’s tallest buildings.
  • Stronger – we are now selling to over 20 customers, with new installers making contact regularly.
  • More – we are now holding over £100,000-worth of ZG-related stock, ready to meet growing demand at the shortest possible notice.

If you want to know more, please check out our ZONE GUARDIAN pages.

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  1. Good Morning,
    This is my first time using this unit and I am have trouble getting a flow signal on the key switch, and thus nothing on the fire panel, on some units, others seem fine. Could you tell me if I am going about the testing incorrectly?

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