Air Maintenance Device

Air Maintenance Device

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Sprinkler systems that are run from a works main air supply or separate compressor can use one of our Air Maintenance Devices to automatically control the air that enters the system. This device will keep the air at both the right volume and pressure required for correct operation.

Automatic Air Control

The unit will also allow for air pressure to be reduced where the plant compressed air supply pressure is higher than that needed to operate the sprinkler system. The air supply is fed through an orifice plate so that should a sprinkler head operate the supply will not interfere with the operation of the dry valve.

Dry Pipe Systems

We recommend that for dry pipe systems a low pressure alarm valve is included that will monitor the overall air pressure and signal if it falls below the pre-set alarm value. When a sprinkler head is triggered in a dry system, the system pressure will drop and the dry pipe valve will trip leading to the system filling with water.

SpAir Maintenance Deviceecial features

All of our devices come with a correctly sized Norgren pressure regulator; T-handle ball valves so you can isolate and test the unit; glycerine filled pressure gauges; brass orifice plate; galvanised fittings and a spring non-return valve.

Downloads and Prices

You can download full details of our products on their respective pages, follow this link for the air maintenance device PDF.

We have very competitive pricing both for our standard ranges but also for any bespoke models you need help with. Please use our contact form to send us your enquiry and one of our team will be in touch to discuss your project requirements.

We also offer very fast delivery if you have a critical issue and need something on site quickly.



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