What to expect in 2016

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We welcome all of our customers to 2016!

We continue to be pleased with our progress and the fact that our products are trusted by global brands – this month alone we have delivered for end-clients such as British Airways, EDF Energy, Sainsbury’s, Glen Turner Distillery and Canary Wharf.

We’re going to be working hard this year to maintain our fast and flexible approach to customer service, and working harder to introduce new products to our range in order to provide a greater portion of our customers’ shopping lists. Last year we introduced ranges of filter ball valves and compressed air regulators/filters. For 2016 we are looking at adding compressor options, sprinkler valve sets and more besides.

Despite continuing inflationary pressures from our material and energy suppliers, we have not increased the majority of our prices for at least 3 years – these pressures are impossible to absorb continually and therefore some of our prices will be changing from 1st February. We believe that we continue to offer exceptional value through our quality and service, and know that most of our customers will understand our position.

Please let us know what additional products you’d like to see us stocking.

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