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We source our air compressors from several different companies across the UK, we decided it would be appropriate to highlight some of our larger suppliers in order for customers to understand the different options that are available to you.

Bambi is based in Birmingham and has over 30 years of experience based on a strong reputation for reliability quality, and cost. Their particular speciality s designing compressors that make next to no noise.

They offer several ranges to cater to their customers’ needs…

The Budget Range

This range of Bambi compressors are designed for customers who need a silent air compressor that is compact and requires very little maintenance. Ease of use is the core concept of this range, with wheeled options available and standard versions having an 8 bar maximum working pressure.
However, the budget tag does not mean that they’re cheap; each model in the range has an internally coated air receiver, a clear view oil level check, an easy to use oil filler plug, and a 10-micron outlet filter & adjustable pressure regulator.

The Bambi MD Range

The Bambi MD range is designed for applications demanding the highest quality air supply with all the benefits of Bambi’s traditionally ultra-quiet products.
The core of this range is the T75 pump which has been proven to deliver 50% more air compared to other silent compressors on the market. This is because it is the only compressor on the market fitted with piston rings eliminating oil carryover to the air supply.

VT Range

Bambi’s unique oil free range comes with the company’s trademark near silence but also offer their innovative Air Dryer unit. This unit is designed to remove 99% of the moisture from the air with a multi-row, fan assisted cooler that dramatically reduces the air temperature allowing the integral coalescing filter to collect and remove the smallest water droplets.

VTS Range

All of Bambi’s ranges offer some of the quietest air compressors on the market but the VTS range offers products that do not make any noise at all, perfect for environments where silence is a must such as laboratories or dental surgeries.

If you’re interested in a Bambi compressor for your fire sprinkler system, we’d be happy to have a chat and make a recommendation based on your system’s specific requirements. Call us on 0161 428 1180 or email


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