Girl Power! SEP recruits first female workshop technician

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Sale Engineering is pleased to announce our first female workshop technician, recruited in August to help us satisfy growing demand for a number of our product lines – especially, at the moment, our pump initiation boards – and of course help support the team as we move forwards with our new products.

Obviously the industry (engineering in general, not just the fire sprinkler sector) is used to male-dominated engineering workforces – well, as we like to do more and more, we’re breaking with tradition.

Katarina, or Kate, is Slovakian by birth and whilst back home she worked for Aero-Vodochody (the largest aerospace manufacturer in the Czech Republic) gaining valuable experience in quality-essential electrical assembly, making things such as wiring looms for aeroplanes and helicopters. She also has experience in spray painting components and pipework assembly, as well as having helped us out a few months ago when we needed some sickness absence covering. We can also even let her loose with the fork lift truck, as she is fully trained!

She has been in England for 12 years, always working several jobs although not always using her higher-end skills which we now have the benefit of.

Kate’s English is still basic, but we are helping in this regard by sharing the costs for her – and Milan (another Slovakian who has been with us since 2008) – to attend English lessons two evenings per week at Tameside College.

In her spare time Kate likes swimming, cooking and is also learning to play the guitar!


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