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Things busy up at SEP as compressor season gets underway…

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As most of our customers will already know, here at Sale Engineering Products we are renowned for our sprinkler system air compressors which are specifically designed and built for dry, alternate, pre-action and tail-end fire sprinkler systems.

At this time of year – autumn through to spring – we are especially busy in this regard as many alternate systems switch over from wet to dry, and pre-winter servicing and maintenance on permanently dry systems takes place.

We know that, if well looked after in a friendly environment, our compressors will last for years (the longest serving unit we recently became aware of is just being replaced after 15 years’ reliable service, and only then because a part is obsolete, not because the unit itself failed! Well done to Redcroft Fire of Sidcup who ‘won’ free carriage on the replacement SEP850T).

If and when you require new or replacement units, remember that we hold a stock of all our most popular units (SEP550S and SEP850S with or without air receiver; SEP850T and SEP550S/OF without receiver) and will build any other unit to order as quickly as we can – as we write, we have a duplex station and several large-capacity belt-driven units under construction.

Discover our full range of compressors and call us on 0161 428 1180 or email info@saleengineering.co.uk with any questions.


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