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Here at SEP, it’s always good to be asked for a quotation with some good quality photos accompanying the email, so we can see what’s there now, how it’s installed, and most importantly what the best solution is for the job going forwards.

We are often pleasantly surprised when we receive a photo of one of our compressors which has stood the test of time – just this week, for example, we have been sent one which is over 18 years’ old. Clearly well installed, well-maintained, and in a good environment, we know our kit (pictured on the left) will perform well for many years in these conditions.

Sometimes, we are quite shocked at the state of what we receive… as you can see from the photos on the right, this compressor looks as though it’s been in some sort of sandstorm or dust-drift! Installed at a waste processing plant, it is almost certainly impossible to keep completely clear of debris… but an occasional clean-down would almost certainly have given it some extra life. In reality, we’re quite impressed with ourselves that this SEP550S (now obsolete and replaced by our new SEP1.5S) has lasted four years in this environment; that’s good going in the circumstances. When a compressor gets this dirty, the air intake may become choked, the air cooling system will not work efficiently and the motor may itself become a fire hazard.

Far be it for us to try and defer our next sale, but we would always encourage our customers and their clients to follow the installation and maintenance instructions as much as possible. Quite simply in this case, an annual oil change, regular checks and a removal of dust would probably have extended the longevity of this little SEP550S.

If you need any advice on maintenance or replacement, please just drop us an email or call us on 0161 428 1180.

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