SEP1.8T compressor

Finally, our new 3ph compressor!

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We are excited to report that, after more than a year in the planning, making and testing, our new 3-phase/400v compressor pump is available.

It’s well over two years since we were informed by our pump supplier that the ‘sturdy old’ 2.2kw/3hp SEP850T pumps were being discontinued. Unfortunately, it then took them over a year to advise us of their plans for an actual replacement! After some refinement and negotiation, we placed an order at the end of 2020 for some samples which should have then arrived last Easter. Life is never that simple, and it’s been especially ‘un-simple’ over the last year or two… The result being that our pumps have finally got to us mid-January – only 10 months late!

The good news is, like our new SEP1.5S compressor pumps (replacing the SEP550S from May 2021), these are a step up in terms of quality and efficiency. Our new 1.8kw/2.5hp ‘SEP1.8T’ compressor has a gross output of 250lpm (8.7cfm), with FAD of around 205lpm (7.2cfm) whilst running at just 3.5 amps.

This new SEP1.8T compressor is available now in all of our usual configurations (with our without air receiver, with or without neutral depending on your power supply, standard or low pressure) – why don’t you have a look at our new  info sheet and contact us for a quotation.

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