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After a long, drawn-out, and quite costly review of our CE-marking requirements and obligations, we are very pleased to advise our customers of a new investment which assures full traceability of our key safety tests and quality assurance processes.

As you may know, European law requires detailed attention to be paid to all design, mechanical, electrical and various other aspects of manufacturing – with a focus on, quite rightly, the safety of manufacture, installation and end-use.

For this and other reasons we have recently made, and continue to make, some small design tweaks to our compressor range (including our beautiful new one-piece stainless steel control manifold and lighter frame design – see here). There are also improvements to our packaging, labelling instruction manuals and accompanying documentation feeding though as we speak.

As you would expect from a top quality manufacturer, all of our products are built with safety and reliability in mind, but very shortly we will also have a full suite of electrical tests carried out in-house, with full traceability for the assurance of our customers and end clients.

This has involved, for the relatively small company we are, a juicy investment in some shiny new state-of-the-art electrical testing equipment from British company Seaward.

Whilst this sort of investment is never easy (because it doesn’t really bring us any specific tangible benefits, revenues or cost savings!) we believe it’s absolutely the right thing to do.

Of course, should Brexit ever happen, then we will be right on top of that with the necessary amendments to include the ‘UKCA’ as well as the ‘CE’ marking!

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